Welcome to Marijuana Anonymous for Portland / Salem Oregon and Vancouver Washington:

If you find it difficult to control your marijuana use, if you think about using marijuana even when you are not, or if you have broken promises to yourself or others about limiting or stopping your use -- you may be an addict. Only you can decide.

If you have a desire to stop using marijuana, you're in the right place. To get started, take a look at the Marijuana Anonymous pamphlets: "For The Newcomer" and "Detoxing from Marijuana" (links on the right). Then, come to one of our Portland meetings: our schedule is on the right and in the calendar at the bottom.

For more information call: 503-567-9892

Announcements and Events:

Monthly Planning Meeting for the MA 2015 Convention in Portland

Sunday, April 27th:  12:00 Noon
Come join our monthly planning meeting for the upcoming Marijuana Anonymous 2015 Convention in here in Portland.  Newcomers and new volunteers are welcome to help, this is a great opportunity to be of service.  This month we will meet at Kyle’s house on Sunday at noon.  Contact Kyle for her address if you would like to join us, please. We will have committee reports, and continue the discussion about themes. Please let Kyle know if you have anything else to add to the agenda. Future meetings are tentatively scheduled at the same location on Saturday May 17th, and Sunday June 22nd.  Come to a MA meeting for more information.