Welcome to Marijuana Anonymous for Portland / Salem Oregon and Vancouver Washington:

If you find it difficult to control your marijuana use, if you think about using marijuana even when you are not, or if you have broken promises to yourself or others about limiting or stopping your use -- you may be an addict. Only you can decide.

If you have a desire to stop using marijuana, you're in the right place. To get started, take a look at the Marijuana Anonymous pamphlets: "For The Newcomer" and "Detoxing from Marijuana" (links on the right). Then, come to one of our Portland meetings: our schedule is on the right and in the calendar at the bottom.

For more information call: 503-567-9892

Announcements and Events:

MA Retreat at Opal Creek Wilderness

Friday May 23rd - Monday May 26th
We reserved a cabin for three nights in the Opal Creek old-growth wilderness, where we will share a retreat based on recovery and fellowship.  Exactly how we spend our time will be worked out by group conscience.  Cost of lodging is $100 for the three nights of Memorial Day Weekend.  We need bring only food, bedding, and personal items.  Registration is currently full but we are taking names for a wait list.  Come to a MA meeting for more information on reserving your spot.